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Child & Dog show (dressed up)

Child & dog (no participation fee !)

In this game it is a matter of child and dog forming a beautiful whole. The children come dressed up in the ring together with the dog. Of course it is extra fun if also the dog is dressed and fits with the child through clothes and accessories. The show is for children from 4 to 12 years old. Depending on the number of registrations and ages we can divide the group into 2.

The children make an entrance in the ring 1 after another. After everybody has made their appearance in the ring, a professional jury will choose a winner. In addition, it is nice if there is a guide with the smallest children in the ring, so that the dogs can be kept under control. Registration: fill in the registration form below. Please clearly mention the name and age of the child. The registration is free. All children get a nice prize and for the winner and his or her dog of course receives an extra big prize!