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Since our anniversary event lasts until midnight there will undoubtedly be people who would like to spend the night in the area of KC Uden. So we have already explored what the possibilities are.

There are several possibilities for staying with (with dogs) in the direct area of dogclub Uden. We have made a selection of possibilities below.

Bookings must be done on our own initiative, we can not guarantee places. However, in the first week of September, in general there is enough space available in the recommended locations.

Van der Valk hotel Nuland: Nice hotel where dogs are allowed. The hotel is 18 minutes from the location (26,5km).                                                                                       Book information: https://bookingtool.valk.com/Hotel%20Nuland%20-%20's-Hertogenbosch/nl/

Hotel de Weverij: Nice hotel where dogs are allowed on request: The hotel is 20 minutes (22.4 km) from the location.                                                                                     Book information: http://www.deweverij.nl/

Vino Grande Cottage: Cottage where dogs are allowed on request. The cottage is 3 minutes (2.6km) from the location.                                                                                 Book information: http://www.wijnendegroot.nl/vinogrando/index.html

City Hotel Oss: Located about 20 minutes from KC Uden.                                           City Hotel Oss is centrally located. The hotel is close to the train station.                       Dogs are allowed in the hotel rooms.                                                                             Book information: www.cityhotel.nl

De Heische Tip: A beautiful campsite where lodges are also rented. De Heische Tip is 8 minutes (6.3km) from the location. Dogs are allowed.                                             Book Information: https://www.heischetip.nl/

B&B Villa Polder: Is a nice bed and breakfast where dogs are allowed. The b&b is 15 minutes (13.7km) from the location.                                                                                 Book Information: http://www.kastanjehof.com/bb-villa-polder/

B&B Wachtpost 29: Is a nice bed&breakfast were dogs are allowed. The b&b is 3 minutes from the location (3,1km).                                                                                         Book information: http://www.wachtpost29.nl/praktisch.htm

B&B Brabantse Hoeve: Is a nice bed&breakfast were dogs are allowed. The b&b is 2 minutes from the location (1,9km).                                                                                     Book information: http://www.brabantsehoeve.nl/index.html

Camping / B&B de Kreitsberg: A nice location to camp in about 11 min from the location (7.4km). They have 25 campsites where dogs are allowed. There are also 5 ready-made pagan tents for rent, which can accommodate 4 up to 8 persons with dogs. The B & B is very nice but unfortunately not accessible to dogs                         Book information: www.dekreitsberg.nl

Minicamping / caravans / apartments "uitgerust": Also a very nice location just 9 min from the location KC Uden. (6.1km). There are 25 campsites. They also rent caravans, mobile homes and apartments. Dogs are allowed but if you bring more than , please report in advance.
Book information: www.minicampinguitgerust.nl

Recreation park slabroek: Located about 10 minutes from KC Uden.
The recreation park has campsites, bungalows and a bed and breakfast.
If you want to stay in the bungalows or B & B you should call them in advance to make sure you can bring your dogs with you.
Book information: www.recreatieparkslabroek.nl

Click on the link to easily search for multiple places where dogs are allowed.     http://www.dogsincluded.nl/hondvriendelijke-vakantie-accommodaties/hotels/zoek-honden-hotel.php

Of course there are also other possibilities to stay in the area. It is a very touristic area with lots of camp sites, recreation areas and B&B's. However, it is not allowed to bring dogs everywere. So if you choose a location other than the above, you better check this out first.

Have a nice time in the Netherlands 🙂