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Raduno2017 English version

Raduno 2017

This is the main event of this day.
A raduno literally translated "collection" has traditionally been an unofficial selection of dogs of the same breed in Italy. This show / inspection is taken care of by the highly respected Italian Cane Corso breeders; Mr. Luigi Di Rienzo (Della Valle Dei Lord Kennel) and Mr. Francesco Cesaro (Casa Cesaro kennel).

Luigi Di Rienzo                                           Francesco Cesaro

Participation in the Raduno is intended exclusively for uncropped Cane Corsos with FCI pedigrees. To participate in the Raduno you must register your dog in advance. This can be done by clicking the link below on the application form.

Compulsory classes (for breeders)

For breeders, there is also a possibility to participate in two compulsory classes.

We have an offspring class: a father or mother animal with at least three and up to five offspring

There is a breeders class: three to five dogs bred by the same person, regardless of age or gender. These dogs do not necessarily have to be your property, but you should be listed as a breeder on the pedigree.

If you are not sure if there are enough dogs from the same nest or the same breeder we advise you to contact your breeder. Subscribe to these classes can be obtained from the link below to the registration form. We invite breeders to fill out this form 1 x for the whole group. Costs are € 20, - per group for both members and non-members.