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Dutch Cane Corso Club 20th anniversary

This year, the Dutch Cane Corso Club celebrates her 20th anniversary. And of course, we can not just let this memorable moment pass. So on Saturday, September 2 we will organise a major Cane Corso event. An event as not shown before by our club. We would like to invite everyone to join us this day!

During our anniversary event there is a lot to experience. Everyone who has a Cane Corso heart will for sure be entertained this day. There is a varied program for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a Cane Corso owner, want to buy one or you are just interested in the breed, there is so much to see and to do for everyone. We give information about the breed, have many stands with nice, funny or just cheap dog supplies, various activities and also several shows, showing a large number of Cane Corsos from all over Europe.

Because we like to make it a party for everyone, the entrance is for free for visitors.

The anniversary of the Dutch Cane corso club is held on the grounds of the Kynologen Club Uden, Zeelandsedijk 18 in Volkel (NL) and runs from 11.30 to about 00.30. Make sure you do not miss this event!

(Provisional program subject to change)

11.30: Site accessible to visitors and participants


13.00 - 16.00: show for dogs without pedigree (parents should be Cane Corso)
(Participation based on registration)

16:00 -17.30: show for cropped dogs and dogs with exclusion errors
(Participation based on registration)

17.30 - 18.15: child-dog show (dressed up children with dogs)
(Participation based on registration)
18.15 - 00.15 RADUNO 2017 (show only for uncropped dogs with FCI pedigree)

(Participation based on registration)


12.00 - 13.00 Workshop show handling (no registration required)
13.00 - 14.00 An introduction to agility (no registration required)
14.00 - 15.00 Demonstration IPO
15:30 - 17:00 Dog behavioral expert Anniek Winters (personally trained by Cesar Milan), lecture and personal consultation provided by her right hand Feline (possibly the lecture is only spoken in Dutch language)


17.00 - 19.00 HOT SUMMER BBQ
(Participation based on registration) don't forget to fill in this form!

* Entire day (until about 21:00) musical framing by our regular DJ PETER
* Breeders' village of affiliated kennels / breeders. For those who want more            information about the breed or looking for a responsibly bred Cane Corso puppy.
* Merchandise and information status of the CCCN
* Various stands with nice dog supplies, feeds and related items
* Lottery with beautiful prices
* children's corner, jump pad/air castle


Special Friend: Present with Cloud beds; The perfect bed for your dog
Waakbordenwinkel.nl: Naturally present with their beautiful "i'm on guard here" signs, but also with a wide range of clothes, beanies, caps, etc. that can be personalized. They also offer a possibility to make car stickers
Bestelfreedog.eu: A very popular brand of dogfood. Fed by many Dutch and Italian Cane Corso owners. They are present with a "food & drinks" corner for your dog. They have beautiful introduction offers. Also the main sponsor of this day.
Jme animal supplies / vendetta collars and leashes: A nice stand with snacks and dog supplies. They also have their own line of sturdy dog collars.
Stand with jewelry * (* subject to change)
Info & merchandise CCCN (merchandise offered by the Dutch Cane Corso Club)


La Vita Bella - Grande Sogno - Promessa Di Futuro - Amico Speciale - Ante Omnia - Del Montagna Oro - La Potenza E L'Amore - La Nostra Forza - Chiaro e Tondo 


Behavioral expert Feline / by Annick Winters

Anniek Winters was first Dutch person who was personally trained by Cesar Milan. Based of his method, she knows every dog ​​in her hand to behave perfectly. She has her own program on Linda.tv and also published two books. Anniek Winters is at the top of Dutch dog behavioral experts. During our anniversary, Feline, Anniek's right hand will give us a lecture on her method. The lecture takes about 1.5 hours. This includes a personal consultation for two dogs from the public.
An Interactive Training, given by an Instructor of Kynologenclub Uden. You can participate in your dog (s)
Demonstration IPO (International Prüfungs Ordnung)
A work trial consisting of Scouting, Packaging and Appeal. The demonstration is given by members of DAVG (dressage and association association Gelderland)
Selection of pedigree-free dogs
This inspection is provided by an official Cane Corso judge, Mrs. Nadjia Timmermans-Kadenko. Participation by Registration.
Child-dog show
Children with their dogs go dress up the show ring, the most beautiful combination wins a beautiful prize! Participation by Registration.
Inspection of cropped dogs and / or dogs with exclusion errors
Selection of purebred Cane Corso's who can not take part in exhibitions due to the cropped ears or docked tail (tails only without medical reason) laws in the Netherlands. This show is also accessible to dogs with errors that lead to disqualification according to the breed standard (wrong denture, wrong color, castrated etc.). This inspection is provided by 2 Italian Cane Corso breeders; Mr. Luigi Di Renzo (Della Valle Dei Lord Kennel) and Mr. Francesco Cesaro (Casa Cesaro kennel)
Workshop show handling
Training in presenting your dog in a show ring. Interactive training, given by an instructor of Kynologenclub Uden. You can participate with your dog (s)
Summer BBQ (For registration only)
The Raduno 2017. The main event of this day. A raduno literally translated "collection" has traditionally been an unofficial selection of dogs of the same breed in Italy. This show / inspection is taken care of by the highly respected Italian Cane Corso breeders; Mr. Luigi Di Rienzo (Della Valle Dei Lord Kennel) and Mr. Francesco Cesaro (Casa Cesaro kennel). Participation by Registration


Campsites and hotels
We have selected some dog-friendly campsites, B&B and hotels in the area