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show for cropped dogs and dogs with exclusion errors

All dogs are welcome on September 2

Because we believe that on our anniversary, ALL Cane Corso's should be welcome to participate in the activities, we also organize a show for dogs without an FC! pedigree or dogs that have have eliminating faults.

In the Netherlands there is a ban on showing cropped dogs in the ring (at official events). The Cane Corso Club Netherlands endorses this and does not aim to promote the cropping or posessing cropped dogs. However, it is not forbidden to have such a dog (import). On our anniversary, we do not want to distinguish in the origin or background of a dog. All dogs are allowed to us. This also applies to dogs with exclusion errors.

Dogs falling within this category of excluded errors are dogs who would be immediately disqualified in the Netherlands during a normal show. That may be because they have cropped ears or a docked tail (except docked tails for medical reasons) or because they contain errors that, according to the breed standard, lead to direct disqualification. These are, for example, unrecognized colors, dogs with excessive white markings (for example on the head), dogs without a mask, castrated dogs, dogs with wrong teeth (upper biting), dogs with excessive curly tail and dogs above or below the standard size. All dogs will be judges as if they do not have their eliminating fault.

The show

The dogs are judged by a judge as we do with all other participating dogs this day. Because we are required to make it very clear that the given ratings are not valid as an exhibition result, we apply different rules for qualifications and placements. There will only be 3 placements and qualifications are nice/better/best instead of Good/very good/excellent. For the rest it is just like a normal show.

The judges

The rating of dogs in this class is provided by the highly respected Italian Cane Corso breeders; Mr. Luigi Di Renzo (Della Valle Dei Lord Kennel) and Mr. Francesco Cesaro (di Casa Cesaro kennel)

Luigi Di Renzo                                           Francesco Cesaro

If you have any questions about signing a dog in this class or about the rules you can use, please send an email to canecorsoclubnederland@gmail.com.


To participate in this class you can use the link below to the registration form.